BAK – Amsterdam

For my bestie’s 30th bday, we organized a surprise girls trip to Amsterdam! We were a group of foodie so the pressure was on to select the right places! Anyways, for saturday lunch we selected the restaurant BAK (check out where we went for diner). I loved the location, it was on the third and last floor what looked like a big art gallery right on the edge of the port. I like to think of gastronomy as an art so I was already enthusiastic.

Then, when got into the restaurant, I noticed the very minimalist décor (I love that! For me the focus should always be the food), and the ceilings that were diagonal just like the building roof (which brought an authenticity to the décor because it looked like you were having lunch in the attic) the windows were giving us a beautiful view of the boats  and most and foremost, it was an open kitchen. The settings were perfect for us to enjoy lunch.

The other surprise was the menu. We had the choice between the small menu and the big menu, with no specific information about what exactly we were going to eat, just the main ingredient. We settled for the small menu and did not regret our choice at all! We were served directly by the chef which was quite enjoyable and the service was impeccable. What I preferred was the venison we had, served with glazed beetroot and a venison terrine and a leaf from a local plant that tasted a bit like sage. I must say this dish was absolutely delicious, I literally did not want to finish my plate! Wild animals are still a mystery for us who are used to be eating the same varieties of meat, so this was quite a big discovery.

Other than that, we also tried to buy the freshly homemade nut bread that was absolutely delicious (remember I am francophone and we don’t play with bread) as well as the home-made butter. As you can imagine I absolutely recommend this restaurant! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (